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About Us

Our hotel cosmetics adventure started in Baku, in 2012. After the hotel amenities company started to serve in 2013 in Georgia, we established cosmetic products plants in Tbilisi, in 2014 as a supplier of hotel amenity products companies. By the year 2018, we established a company of hotel necessities as Nova Hotel Amenities in Warsaw, in Poland. Our company is one of the leading companies in the hotel amenities and supplies with its own production methods, superior design strength and experienced staffs. We have specialized in the production and distribution of hotel amenities for both large customers and hotel chains as well as boutique hotels, hostels, motels and guest rooms with high-quality guarantee and continuity of delivery. Nova creates custom label amenities for your special brand. We develop desired concepts by preparing the model, colour, design and packaging in the direction of incoming requests for customized products. We have a wealth of experience in creating products for your brand. With the quality that it provides, the research and development studies have been carried out according to the request of our customers. We have a team of private label experts who will develop, design and manufacture your private label hotel amenities and necessities in accordance with your specific requirements. We continue with the first day’s excitement in a professional way that is always aiming at offering the best and most appropriate prices to our customers by continuously following all the innovations in the field of design and production both at home and abroad.